Your child and social media


This is scary and interesting and even if you have young children, worth a read to make sure you know whats going on in your childs online world.


The Facts (13-17 year olds on social media)

  • 71 % of all teens are using more than one social networking site
  • 41% of all teens use Facebook
  • 20% of all teens use Instagram
  • 11% of all teens use Snapchat
  • 6% of all teens use Twitter

71% of all teenagers on social media? Surely these social networks have age limits and restrictions to ensure the safety of our children?


So what are the age limits on the most popular social media websites?


  • 13 Years Old: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, Skype, Myspace. Tinder (13-17 year olds version)
  • 14 Years Old: LinkedIn
  • 16 Years Old: WhatsApp
  • 17 Years Old: Tinder (Adult Version)
  • 18 Years Old: (or need adult permission): YouTube, Flickr, Xbox Live


Did you just do a double take when you saw TINDER for 13-17 year olds?  


It is a good idea to remind your children that:

93% of managers check a candidate’s social media profile. This stat is really important. If a child uploads anything which an employer would deem inappropriate, it could stop them from getting for their dream job or even going to their preferred University.

  • 55% of managers reconsider a candidate based on what they find on their social media channels
  • 44% of hiring managers see posts about alcohol as concerning
  • 83% see references about illegal drugs as a huge turn off
  • 26% of hiring managers check an applicant’s Facebook page
  • 16% of hiring managers check an applicants Twitter page


job screening with social media



I highly suggest you click the link below to read the full article “HOW YOUR CHILD IS USING SOCIAL MEDIA” and credits




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