KAREN + MAKE UP = Tricks to Stick your Eyeliner


By Make Up and Hair artist, Karen Dyer

Do you ever feel like your eyeliner just disappears? When you walk out of the house it looks perfect but, after about half an hour, it starts to slide, smudge or even vanish. This is a very common problem.

Your eyelids are the hottest place on your face. Constant blinking means your eyelids are a good 2-3 degrees hotter than the rest of your face. So any product you apply to your eyelids will also heat up. In addition the naturally occurring oils in your skin, especially those in your T-Zone, migrate to your eyelids. This also causes havoc with any product you apply there.


Bearing this in mind, here are some simple tricks to ensure your eyeliner stays put much, much longer.


1. Always start with a cleansed faced. If you clean away surface oils before applying eye products such as liner and shadow, then it will take longer for the oils to migrate there. Therefore you should enjoy a longer time before the oils start to smudge or erase these products.


2. Apply foundation to your eye area. A thin veil over your lids not only evens out skin tone but creates the perfect base for your eyeliner to sit on, especially when then set with a loose or compact powder.


3. Apply your liner with a fine angle brush. This should give you good intensity but reduces the amount of product you need to use. If you do not have a thick layer of product, it is less likely to heat up and slide. (Most common eye liners are wax based… and what happens to wax when you add heat?  It melts).





4. Just as you set your foundation with a powder, set you eyeliner with a powder. For example, you could use an eye shadow that is the same colour as the liner. I suggest you use the same angle brush to put a small amount of shadow right on top of the liner. You could also even try using a deep pigmented eyeshadow as your liner rather than the more common wax pencil.


5. Choose a great mascara for your lashes.  Smudges or falls from mascara can create dark marks under your eyes which can look like your eyeliner has run.


I have tried MANY mascaras over the years from top of the range Dior to supermarket brands and every time I come back to my favourite – Max Factor False Lash Effect. I use the water proof version for my bridal clients and the standard mascara for everything else, including my own makeup bag.  (Available at most department stores including Myer, Priceline and Big W).




So, as always, get experimenting and see how long you can rock your eyeliner by trying the steps above.


Happy experimenting!

Image credit:  Tumblr @decrepitskin

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