Body by Bex -Getting back into the swing of things


Wow. What a crazy 4 weeks it’s been! Body By Bex has been to Miami for 2 weeks on holiday (first hubby & child free holiday I’ve had). A quick trip to Queensland to see family, Easter weekend, mix in this new school thing and it’s been really rather busy. Easter Hat Parades, parent/teacher interviews, class meetings, volunteering and much more…


Easter Hat Parade

Easter Hat Parade

So if you are like me and time seems to just disappear on you, then getting time to do exercise can be difficult. Why not try this work out at home?



Everglades Miami


5-10 min warm up (light run, skipping, laps of the garden, up and down stairs)

15 min AMRAP ( As Many Rounds As Possible)
10 burpees
20 push ups
30 lunges
40 squats
50 jumping jacks

100 skips

10 min AMRAP
10 leg raises
20 hand release push ups
30 sit ups
40 Russian twists

100 skips

5 min AMRAP
10 jump squats
20 split lunges
30 skater

100 skips

5 minute cool down


FITNESS FACT:  Exercise relieves stress

FOOD FACT: Pineapple has significant antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties. It provides energy, helps to ease stress and protects against macular degeneration.



“What counts in life, is not the mere fact we have lived.

It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead”

Nelson Mandela

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