Product Review – MOPSOCK


What is it?

Invented by mother-of-two and industrial designer, Hannah Smith, the Mopsock  fits over the head of your broom or vacuum, instantly transforming it into an effective mop. The micro-fibre fabric means you achieve a superior clean floor without the need for cleaning products!





How does it work?

MOPSOCK is designed to be used without cleaning products.  Simply wet the MOPSOCK, slip it over your broom or vacuum and mop the floor.  I slipped it over an old mop pole (no sponge attached).

My MOPSOCK lifted surface grime easily. However there were some stubborn areas it didn’t clean (but nor had a conventional mop).



It was very easy to use.  I really liked the thick padding of the MOPSOCK which makes it very different from its thinner competitors. It somehow made me feel like I could clean a bit deeper. It seemed like it was actually cleaning the surface, not just gliding over it. It is also great that you do not need to use chemicals to achieve a good clean.

Our floors had been mopped  with floor cleaner and a regular mop about 2 hours before I did this trial. The MOPSOCK provided a much better finish, streakfree on both our tricky wooden floor and the tiled areas, and managed to lift a fair amount of dirt that the conventional mop hadn’t (eeek).

It is also very easy to clean the MOPSOCK when you have finished. You can just pop it into the washing machine and hang it out to dry.



A major downside in my opinion is that I prefer to use boiling water to clean my floors, which is difficult to do with the MOPSOCK. Also, if you have a large area to clean, it can be a cumbersome process to take the MOPSOCK off, rinse off the dirt and grime, wet it again, reattach it and recommence cleaning. It didn’t seem as efficient as using a conventional mop and bucket.




Would you recommend it?

I really like the idea of the MOPSOCK and, for a whip around clean, I would definitely use it again (and often).





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*This is not a paid or sponsored review.  All opinions are my own and have been formed after using the product.


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