Emma, mum of 2 young busy teens, closet ballerina and smoothie addict found her way to becoming a Pilates instructor through being a devotee herself.

A career in radio and TV led to a job in event management, which was fantastic fun but hideous for the posture with ridiculously high heels and long hours spent on her feet dashing about organising & hosting some of Melbourne’s premier events. So with a passion for movement, dance and good health she embarked on a career in Pilates, health & fitness.

What does Emma love about Pilates? The way it teaches you to move your body, stay in touch with parts of your muscular system you have long forgotten since you use to run around in the playground.

It strengthens, lengthens, rehabilitates. It improves posture. It gives you a tool kit to self manage your pain and to relieve tightness in the body. It doesn’t discriminate by age, gender or experience. It’s for everyone. It has a use for anyone. And that’s what she would like to share with you…. along with some other great life tips that she’s learnt along the way.


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