Karen Dyer + Make Up

After many years studying and exploring creative industries such as design, dress making, graphic design and makeup artistry, I have combined the elements and knowledge into what is my passion today… “creating the perfect look for individual faces”.

My interest and training has focused on the very small details of corrective beauty and how to use makeup to create illusions which can disguise or enhance our own individual features. I know my job is done and done well, when I stand back and watch my clients light up from within and smile when they look in mirror.

From an average day, to a wedding day, to a photoshoot or a contestant on a reality TV show –  my focus always stay the same………“to sculpt, to highlight, to enhance, to creative a specific individual look, solely for that client”.

I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks so you too will have an even bigger smile when you look in the mirror……..its so simple!


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